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8 Tips for Choosing a Great Painting Company in Brighton

  1. Choose a painting company with experience.

Whether it’s a barber, a plumber, or a roofer, wouldn’t you rather have someone with experience in control of the situation? An inexperienced barber will give you a hack-job haircut that wastes 25 of your hard-earned bucks — but an inexperienced painter will put your curb appeal and home value at risk. That could be a waste of thousands of dollars, and you might have to spend thousands more just to set things straight.

When you’re looking for a painting contractor, choose someone who is well-versed in the exact type of painting job you need. Feel free to ask painters about their experience with a specific kind of job — and if you don’t get a confident answer from them, ask a different painter instead.

A painting company’s online project gallery is a great way to get visual proof of their skills and expertise. If they don’t have an online gallery, move on and find yourself a painting company who does.

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2. Choose a painter with legal licenses and insurance.

The only painting companies worth trusting have a state-issued license, workers’ compensation insurance, and general liability insurance. This protects the painting company as well as the homeowner in case something goes wrong. Don’t just accept the word of a local painting company — ask to see their documentation firsthand to make sure you’re doing your due diligence. If a painter doesn’t carry insurance, don’t have a license, or “can’t seem to find” their paperwork for some reason, you need to find yourself a more trustworthy group of painters to get the job done.

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3. Choose painters that do the prep work.

Inexperienced and cheap painting contractors are the masters of cutting corners in order to save time and money. The quicker they get the paint job done, the more painting jobs they can tackle and the more money they will make. Unfortunately, these painters usually leave you with a subpar paint job that’s prone to chipping, fading, and premature aging. Not exactly what you want from an expensive investment.

The best painters will gladly tell you about their prepping processes. They’ll most likely clean, strip, sand, tape, and prime, at the very least. If you ask a painter about prepping, and they seem vague or confusing in their answer, they don’t have any prepping process. Get yourself a painter who will put in the extra work. Get a painter you deserve.

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4. Choose a painter who is knowledgeable.

Skilled and experienced painters will chat with you all day about the best paint brands, the best painting techniques, and the best colors on the market. That’s why it’s totally acceptable to give potential painting companies a “pop-quiz” of sorts to test their knowledge. If they’re happy to share ideas for how they’d give your cedar siding a fresh look, or if they give you plenty of suggestions for trendy colors and painting techniques, then you’ve got yourself a creative and useful painter. If they don’t seem so happy about sharing their knowledge, they might not have much knowledge to begin with.

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5. Choose a painting contractor with a reasonable price.

Painting companies are trying to keep the lights on and put food on the table just like the rest of us — they must turn a profit to survive. There are three ways to accomplish this:

  1. The “Quick & Dirty” Model – Some painting companies attempt to take on as many painting jobs as humanly possible, and finish each job as quickly as possible. They’ll use the cheapest materials they can get away with, and they’ll cut corners to save time, and as a result, money. These painting companies often offer bargain bin rates to attract as many customers as possible, and this leads to dissatisfied homeowners and subpar paint jobs.
  2. The “Luxury” Model – In most aspects of life, you get what you pay for — but that doesn’t always apply in the world of painting. Some painters will use top-tier painting materials and market themselves as “high-end” painters, and the price is just as high-end as the perceived “luxury” paint job. Even with skilled painters doing the job, the luxury markup is significant, and the final product is marginally better, if not the same quality, as that from a more reasonably priced painter.
  3. The “Rock Solid” Model – Painting companies in this category are dedicated to giving customers the best possible paint job at a reasonable (not bargain bin) price. They choose solid paints that look great and last a long time, and they use painting techniques that really make the paint stand out on the block. They don’t cut corners because they don’t have to. It’s a perfect blend of customer accessibility, profitability, and quality craftsmanship that leaves all parties satisfied.

Which business model would you want your next house painter to have? The answer is rock solid, if you ask us.

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6. Choose a painter with a quality guarantee.

Does your painting contractor give you some kind of quality guarantee, warranty, or lifetime maintenance plan? If they don’t, you’re putting your home and your finances at risk. The best painting companies offer manufacturer warranties on all of their paints, so if something goes wrong, they’ll fix it for. If painters don’t offer any sort of warranty, there’s nothing to hold them accountable for their poor craftsmanship or faulty paint products. Even if it costs more up front, choose a painter that offers a warranty and stands behind their work.

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7. Choose local painters with a great reputation online.

This might not make sense at first: take online reviews of painters seriously, but not too seriously. Let us explain.

Most service-based companies in your area won’t have five-star ratings across the board because homeowners are much more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones. When someone is happy, they move on and live their lives — and when they’re not happy, they won’t rest until they’ve plotted their revenge and aired their grievances on Yelp. It’s fairly easy to tell the difference between someone with legitimate concerns about a company and someone who’s typing in all caps and insulting the foreman’s wife.

However, if you notice several negative reviews — especially those that seem to reveal a collective pattern of behavior — it can give you an idea of how a painting contractor could leave you feeling disappointed or frustrated. Take a look at reviews in a big picture sense by scouring multiple websites like the Better Business Bureau® (BBB), Angie’s List®, and Google for the most accurate version of the truth.

A final word: reviews and testimonials are not one and the same. Anyone can say nice things about themselves on their website — it’s what other people say that matters most.

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8. Choose a painter who lives in and knows Brighton.

Brighton is a tight-knit community with beautiful homes — people really take pride in where they live, and they love to make the community better in any way they can. Painting Plus is no exception — we’ve served Brighton and Northern Denver for over 30 years, and we’re proud of how we can make homeowners happy and transform the look of Brighton homes and businesses with quality craftsmanship and a few coats of paint.

When you need a local painter, choose Painting Plus. We offer residential exterior painting and interior painting, as well as commercial painting services — so no matter what kind of painting project you need done, we have you covered. Call us with any questions, and get a free estimate today.

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