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Exceptional Epoxy Floor Coating Services

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Colorado’s Preferred Commercial Epoxy Coating Company

For over 30 years, our team at Painting Plus in Colorado has been helping businesses put their best foot forward when it comes to the appearance of their commercial building. Epoxy floor paint can instantly elevate the look of your commercial floors by leaving a clean, glossy finish. We have the skills, experience, and knowledge to provide you with the best commercial epoxy services at the best prices. Find out why so many businesses have chosen us as their commercial painting contractor by getting in touch with us today.

Why Choose Painting Plus For Epoxy Floor Coating Services

First impressions matter. When a customer enters your place of business, the first thing they notice is the appearance of your office. If you have old, torn up floors and cracked paint on the walls, they will assume you don’t care about keeping up your building, so why should they trust you with their needs? However, if your customer walks into your building and sees clean, glossy, smooth floors that bring the aesthetics of your office together, that makes all the difference. At Painting Plus, we are here to help you put your best foot forward by providing exceptional commercial epoxy services. There are so many reasons why we are the painting contractors of choice in Colorado, including:

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial flooring with epoxy floor coating, we are the commercial painting contractors for the job.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings Bring Your Space To Life

Epoxy floor coatings are typically used in commercial and industrial buildings that have concrete floors. Not only does epoxy floor paint look great, but it also provides a smooth, durable surface that can withstand heavy items and stands the test of time. At Painting Plus, we use the best brands in the industry to ensure the epoxy floor coating we apply will last for years to come and protect your floors. We have a large variety of epoxy floor colors and can even help you pick out the right colors to match the aesthetics of your building perfectly. If you’re ready to elevate your commercial floors, we are the painting contractors for the job. Just request a free estimate from us, and we will take care of the rest!

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Our Commercial Epoxy Painting Process

At Painting Plus, our goal is to provide you with outstanding commercial epoxy services while disrupting your operations as little as possible. We know you have a lot on your plate, and having your building closed off to complete a painting project can throw a wrench in your day-to-day tasks. That’s why we work with you, your timeline, and budget to provide you with exceptional epoxy floor coating services that are high-quality, but also are completed in a timely manner. Here’s how our process works:

 Request A Free Estimate -

When we receive your request, we will be in touch with you to discuss timelines, pricing, and other details to provide you with an accurate estimate.

 Pick Your Colors -

We work with the best brands in the industry to provide high-quality, beautiful epoxy floor colors. We are happy to help you select colors, or you can pick your own, the choice is yours!

 We Get to Work -

Once the colors are selected and the timeline is determined, our painting contractor will come to your location and get started!

 Time to Clean Up -

Our team is respectful and considerate, and will leave your location better than we found it!

Ready to transform your concrete floors and impress your customers? If so, reach out to our team today! We are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through our seamless process.

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How Much Does Epoxy Flooring Cost?

We at Painting Plus have been providing exceptional commercial painting services to businesses in Colorado for over 30 years. With that being said, we understand that no two buildings are the same. That’s why when it comes to pricing and determining how much your epoxy flooring project will cost, we always like to give a customized estimate. The reason being, the price is dependent on how much flooring will be painted, the brand of epoxy paint you select, and other factors. Once we have a chance to discuss the details with you, we are able to provide you with an accurate estimate so you know up front how much your project will cost. To talk through pricing and timelines, contact our team today!

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If you can’t remember the last time you updated the flooring in your commercial building, or you’re just sick and tired of looking at that boring grey concrete, it’s time to give us at Painting Plus a call. You would be amazed at what a difference epoxy floor coating makes and how durable it is. There are so many colors to choose from, and when you hire our painting contractors for the job, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best epoxy services at the best price. All you have to do is request a free estimate from our team today, and we will handle the rest. For additional information about our commercial epoxy services, feel free to give us a call today!

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