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The Different Types of Epoxy Flooring Coating


Like your roof, your floors are integral to the structure of your home. They overlay the foundation of your home and provide a nice surface to walk upon. Choosing a flooring type is a big decision for a home or business. You want a floor that is durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, safe to walk (or run) on, looks great, and won’t break the bank. Epoxy floors fit this bill to a tee. Painting Plus of Colorado, a local residential and commercial painting contractor that serves Fort Collins, Boulder, and Longmont, now offers epoxy flooring coating. Below, we’ll go over the three types of epoxy flooring coating to help you decide which is best for you. Contact us today for a free estimate!


Epoxy is a combined resin and hardener, that when applied to a flooring surface, creates a hard, durable, smooth surface that can withstand heavy loads. Epoxy flooring coating has been popular for many years as a coating for concrete in commercial and industrial uses, such as warehouses, industrial sites, and commercial buildings. Epoxy flooring coating is easy to maintain and a great surface for workers and equipment. It is now gaining ground in the residential flooring industry as well due to its many advantages.

Epoxy flooring coating comes in three varieties: water-based, solvent-based epoxy, and 100 percent solid epoxy. All three types are installed in the same way where epoxy is laid out on the floor where it levels out and hardens in a process known as pot life (or curing). The main difference between the three types of epoxy flooring is the thickness, which impacts the durability of the epoxy floors.

  1. Solvent-based epoxy. Shinier than water-based, solvent-based epoxy flooring coating is popular with businesses because it’s more durable, offers more protection from chemical spills, and lasts longer. However, it does emit fumes throughout your interior space, making it ideal for garages where ventilation is good and less time is spent, as well as in industrial spaces. Solvent-based epoxy is governed by state and federal regulations since it does contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it less popular today as more and more people are seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives.
  2. Water-based epoxy. Non-toxic and safe, water-based epoxy is gaining popularity because it is environmentally friendly and recent improvements have been made to improve its durability and stain resistance; however, it is still not quite up to par for commercial and industrial uses. It can be applied to concrete while it is curing (still wet).
  3. Solid epoxy flooring. Solid epoxy contains no water or solvent. This makes it extremely thick, eco-friendly, safe, and scratch and dent-resistant. Popular amongst business owners, solid epoxy flooring is stain-resistance with little maintenance. Its drawback is it’s more expensive than its counterparts, and solid epoxy flooring coating dries very quickly — in 30 to 40 minutes. However, since it can last up to 20 years, solid epoxy floor coating is a great investment for the long run.

Water and solvents make the epoxy easier to apply, assist with adhesion, and can help with levelling. Once the resin and the hardener are mixed together, the clock starts ticking on the pot life. The water and solvents extend the pot life from 30 minutes with a solid epoxy to up to two hours for a water or solvent-based epoxy. This is because the water and solvent evaporate as the epoxy dries.

Painting Plus of Colorado offers epoxy flooring coating for your residential, commercial, or industrial uses. We’ll help you decide which epoxy flooring coating will work for you. We use color chips, which results in unlimited colors, blends, and patterns, so you’ll have a custom epoxy flooring solution. Contact us today for our epoxy flooring coating specials!

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