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Your Paint Job and Branding Need to Work Together


When you have a physical location for your business, you have yet another opportunity for branding. As a premier painting company in Boulder, CO, we understand just how important a paint job can be to your business. The way your business looks sends a message about your brand and how your carry yourselves.

A professional commercial painter will work with you to help determine the branding message you are trying to convey. In order to create a lasting positive impression on your customers, a new paint job may be exactly what your brick and mortar store needs.

How Painting Ties into Branding

When you drive by a commercial building have you ever had the sense you know exactly what the business is all about just by looking at it? The color — and shape — of the building play a huge part in painting a picture for potential customers.

You don’t have to be part of a large franchise to choose a color scheme that works for your business. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from this shift in mindset. If you’re thinking of updating the color scheme for your business, understanding the reactions people have to color can finish up this bad boy.

Choosing a Color

The color you choose for your business says a lot about who you are. Colors make a strong emotional impact on human beings, and they create a lasting impression. Think about what colors may be saying about your business. Creating a color scheme for your business is more than just what looks good to you or is in perfect accord with color theory. It’s about sending a clear message about what you do.

Here’s what the colors you choose may be saying about your business:

  • Red. Red is a color that breathes energy. It also increases heart rate and activates the pituitary gland. Use this to stimulate a strong response. This color is popular for restaurants and technological businesses.
  • Blue. Blue is a very popular color that sets people at ease. If you want to give your customers a sense of security and build trust, blue is the color to use. Healthcare businesses can benefit from the use of blue.
  • Green. The color green causes people’s minds to drift towards thoughts of nature and health. It delivers a feeling of serenity. It’s also tied to wealth, so a financial business may benefit from this color scheme.
  • Purple. Purple is a regal color that speaks of sophistication and even a sense of mystery. If you own a business that’s dedicated to pampering your clients, this could be the color for you.
  • Yellow. Yellow is warm and inviting. It can stimulate creativity and gives people a sense of optimism. Day care centers and primary schools are primary targets for this color

Also, if you’re thinking about a logo update, this can be a good time to do it. It’s important not to go to overboard when it comes to logo color. 95 percent of businesses use only one to two colors in their logo. Sometimes simple is more effective. McDonalds is a prime example.

A Commercial Painting Contractor That Understands Your Needs as a Business

As a local business ourselves we understand the importance that even those “little things” like a proper paint job can do for your business. Of course, as a painting business ourselves we’re a little biased. However, that doesn’t change the facts: your storefront is a huge branding point for your business.

If you need a new look for your business Painting Plus is here for you. Our experience painting contractors will give you the service you deserve at a price that works for you. Contact us today for a free estimate of your commercial painting needs.

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