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The Brick Wall Conundrum


Because sometimes you want a different color brick wall, but are you breaking a huge design faux pas in doing so?


An exposed brick wall is a major selling point that people love to exploit, after all, it’s trendy, it’s hip, and it adds character to a room. Similarly, you may have a brick home, yet want to venture into color, but once you paint brick — it’s a commitment — and there’s no turning back! So, where do you even begin to play with the idea of painting it? There may have just been a lot of audible gasps over even mentioning painting brick, but you can paint brick, it does happen!


At Painting Plus if Colorado, we want to craft a space that is uniquely yours, even if that means painting the bricks! We offer exterior and interior painting solutions for Colorado homes and businesses. Go down the rabbit hole and into the idea of painting brick, in today’s post!

Painting Exterior Brick


Because painting brick is such a hot topic and you either land on one side of it or the other, we’ll first take a look at the potential benefits of hiring professional painters t give your exterior brick a fresh coat of paint.


There are many ways to revive an outdated home aside from landscaping, and paint is an excellent choice to up your curb appeal. If you have a home with aging brick you can completely update it and transform its exterior aesthetics with new paint.


Pro tip: You can transform regular brick with neutral colors such as white or charcoal grey. The classic white color is crisp and clean and gives a Scandinavian feel. Dark grey is more dramatic and makes a beautiful contrast to a lush green yard and trees and is perfect with a white trim.


It’s also important when painting your exterior brick, to remember that it is like a tattoo — it’s permanent so you’ll want to be sure in the decision you’re making. Some painting companies have programs that you can use to get a better idea of what your home will look like with a fresh coat of paint.


There is also more maintenance with a painted brick exterior. Dirt, mold, and debris can be more visible so you’ll have to power wash it more often.  


Painting Interior Brick


If you’re ready to transform your exposed brick wall and have made the decision to paint it, here are a few guidelines to follow.


Keep things neutral – Just like the exterior, a fresh coat of grey or white paint can be stunning. Some of the best interior designers have agreed that if you’re going to paint a brick wall, avoid painting it a bold color.


Create a new custom finish – Instead of just choosing one color, companies transforming unflattering brick by adding texture through a variety of brushes and techniques, effectively creating a new custom wall.


If painting it isn’t quite the right option for you, consider covering it with tile or installing drywall. Tile is great in that sometimes odd and dated brick cannot be repaired or updated just with paint, sometimes it just needs an old-fashioned rehaul. Adding in mixed-materials of tile and wood can be a lovely option for a smaller space.


To modernize a space, drywall is another great option beyond painting. It adds an updated look and a current aesthetic.


If you’re looking to change up your space and paint over exterior or interior brick, you may get a few weird looks at first, but when you work with a good team it can really freshen up your home.


Partner with us and use us as a resource and sounding board for your interior and exterior painting ideas! Reach out today!     


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