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The Best Season For Exterior Painting


Colorado has unpredictable weather patterns — snow in June is not unheard of — so if you’re looking at sprucing up your curb appeal with fresh exterior paint, you may want to watch the weather before hiring an exterior painting company!


Paint innovations have come a long way — from its early inception of flaking, chipping, and easily degrading, to exterior paint technology that can be applied in colder temperatures — paint has evolved with the industry but there are still guidelines you should follow.

Is There a Preferred Exterior Painting Season in Colorado?


Deciding on the timing of an exterior paint project can a little trickier than interior because you are at the mercy of mother nature, and we know, the Colorado weather is completely fickle and plays with our emotions!  


The benefit you get with Painting Plus of Colorado is 30 years of experience — we know the ideal time to paint the exterior of your home. Venture into this painting post with us today, as we divulge the best season for exterior painting in Colorado.


The Exterior Painting Climate Duo


When it comes to a preferred season, summer and into the fall can be a great time to finally tackle your home improvement painting project. The summer ushers in warm weather, typically free from rain, and longer days. Early fall is also nice because it is a touch cooler than the scorching, bluebird Colorado summer days, which makes working long hours in it a little more feasible.


What is always considered before starting an exterior paint project is the climate duo of temperature and moisture.


You (obviously) don’t want to paint in the rain or snow or in weather extremes — too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures shifts can result in paint drying unevenly, in clumps, or in flaws like brush strokes being visible.


Humidity — though Colorado doesn’t have much of it — is also another climate factor to consider. Everything may appear to be dry and ready to go, however, with increased humidity materials such as wood and mortar is porous and absorbent and are likely wet as a result of the humidity.    


The ideal time to hire and start an exterior painting project is on a dry, warm day to ensure that everything is dry and can be painted on.


Additional Exterior Painting Guidelines

While your exterior painting company will know the ins and outs of the paint they choose, there are a few recommendations that all paint manufacturers can agree on.


Exterior Painting Temperatures


The minimum temperature that exterior paint can be applied lingers right around 40 degrees, with some paint technology being closer to 35 degrees. Again, the warmer the temperature (not hot) the better chances you have of it going on without a hitch!


Temperature Variations


Just as much as paint is affected in weather extremes, weather variations can disrupt it as well. Colorado is well-known for these disruptions! It never hurts to follow the weather and ensure that a beautiful, ambient summer day isn’t followed by monsoon-like rains or snow in the early afternoon — which is why fall can sometimes be a better season to paint in.


Partnering With Painting Plus of Colorado


Not only have we been around for over three decades, we know first-hand the weather patterns of Colorado — being in the painting business is part painter part weather person! If you come across a painting contractor who is willing to paint in all of Colorado’s season — just one thing — be weary. While professional painters are wonderful at stretching out the painting season, you don’t want to subject your exterior to a shoddy job.


Partner with as your premier Colorado exterior painting experts! Connect with us today!




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