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How to Find the Best Paint Colors for Every Room in Your Home Part 2


Need help finding the right paint colors for different rooms in your home?

Finding the right paint color for your home is a lot more complicated than many people think, and it’s about more than just finding an aesthetically pleasing color. If you’ve had a chance to read our last blog, then you already know about the best and worst paint colors for the bedroom and the living room. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right colors for your kitchen, office and bathroom.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home — the place where the family comes together for meals, homework, board games and more. Make the most of your kitchen by choosing a color that will encourage you to cook for and spend quality time with your family.

Best Colors:

  • Yellow – Yellow is the perfect color for kitchens because it makes people feel inspired, optimistic, happy and, best of all, hungry! Yellow is also said to activate the metabolism.
  • Earthtones – We associate browns, greens and other earthy hues with the earth and nature, and that encourages us to eat fresher foods. 

Worst Colors:

  • Orange and Red – Orange and red stimulate the appetite more than any other colors, which can make them more ideal for the kitchen than any other room in the home, but be careful with these colors if you’re watching your weight.

The Office

If you work from home, you need your office to be a room where you can concentrate and focus, so it’s important to choose colors that will help you get in — and stay in — the zone.

Best Colors:

  • Grey – Grey is a steady, detached color, and it can help you feel more organized and less distracted in your office; just be careful with it, as it can also make you feel isolated, which can be a problem for people who work from home full-time anyway.
  • Green – Green is a color that evokes concentration, and it’s also one of the most tranquil colors to look at for a long period of time.

Worst Colors:

  • Red – Red is a physically stimulating color, and it could make you feel anxious and stir-crazy when what you need to do is to sit and concentrate. Red can also evoke anger, which is the last thing most of us need when we’re working.

The Bathroom

The modern-day bathroom is much more luxurious and relaxing than the bathrooms of yesteryear, and the colors you choose in your bathroom should be all about self care and relaxation.

Best Colors:

  • Blue – When you’re unwinding in your bathtub with a glass of wine and your favorite novel, you need to be surrounded by a color that makes you feel calm, and blue is a great, calming choice.
  • Blush – Although it’s a tint of red, blush is a tint that soothes rather than stimulates. It’s a great choice for bathrooms because it evokes tranquility, warmth and nurturing.

Worst Colors:

  • Dark Colors – Avoid blacks, dark blues and dark purples in your bathroom, especially if it’s a small bathroom. These colors will only make it look smaller and feel more confined.

Finding the right color is just the first step to making your home look and feel like new, and once you do, your next step is to find the right painting company in Fort Collins. And when you want the best results without breaking the bank, there’s no better option than Painting Plus. We’ve been serving residents in Northern Colorado for more than 30 years, and we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Contact us to get your free estimate today!

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