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Five Reasons You Should Hire a Painting Professional


While painting is something many people opt to do for themselves, there are many benefits to hiring a professional as well. As a painting company in Longmont, we’ve seen a lot of people try to do it themselves and it’s a rousing success. However, we’ve also seen many cases where people attempt to do the work themselves and not only does it not turn out how they expected, but it also became a major hassle and headache just to get the job done.

Before you take on your next commercial or residential paint job, it might be helpful to take the following things into consideration before you decide to do it yourself.

1. The Sheer Amount of Time a Painting Job Can Take

When you’re tackling a painting job, it can take a lot of time to get the job itself done, especially if you don’t have the experience. Not only that, but the painting itself is just part of the process. That’s not even taking into account the amount of time it will take to set up, clean up, and buy materials.

Professional painting companies will usually send a crew to do the job, which exponentially decreases the amount of time a project will take.

2. The Amount of Money You’ll Save

Painting contractors often have access to higher quality materials at a lower cost, especially since they’re buying in bulk. And because they already have all the tools at their disposal, they won’t have to pay for those either.

When you decide to take a painting job on yourself, you’re on the hook to purchase all of these things yourself.

3. The Level of Expertise that a Professional Brings

Professional painting services will offer a look that simply cannot be matched. They know how to prime their surfaces and apply a uniform coat of paint. Professionals will also have an intimate familiarity with paints themselves and be able to select the one that’s just right for the job among the many options.

Like anything else in life, there’s no substitute for experience. A professional painting contractor not only knows what looks good, but they also know exactly what to do to achieve that result.

4. It’s Much Safer to Have Someone Else do it for You

While you’re not likely to hurt yourself painting from the ground, almost every paint job will require you to get on a ladder or stepping stool of some sort. If you have a multi-story home or business, as many people do, then your risk only increases due to the fact you need a taller ladder to reach all the spots which need painting. If you fall off a ladder and hurt your back or break some other bone, you’re looking at even more time and money lost.

A painting contractor will already have the proper licensing and insurance in case of these accidents. They will also be well aware of all the safety risks and will be aware of the latest safety rules and have the correct equipment to lower the risk of accidents.

5. Errors are Less Costly

When you make a mistake with a DIY job, the person who’s ultimately responsible is you. Professional painters not only have the resources and experience to make fewer mistakes (i.e. they know how to properly cover surrounding items in case of splatter) they are also held accountable for the job they do.

After all, a good professional painter has a reputation to uphold. They will not only do their best to cut down on the number of errors, but they will also take it upon themselves to fix them in the rare instances they do occur.

Consider a Local Professional Painter for Your Next Painting Job

While we know there’s an artist in you that’s bursting to come out, when it comes to residential and commercial painting jobs, here are just a few reasons you would benefit from leaving it to the professionals.

If you’re looking for help with your next painting job, please contact us for a free estimate. Painting Plus is an interior and exterior painter with over 30 years of experience serving Coloradans. We’re an A+ rated Better Business Bureau painter that’s never had a single BBB complaint filed against us.

3 Responses to Five Reasons You Should Hire a Painting Professional

Thomas Jameson

It’s good to know that professional painters will make fewer mistakes than if you were to paint by yourself. My brother is looking into painting his house, but he is no way a professional. I’ll be passing this information along to him so that he can avoid making costly mistakes.

Stefan Bradley

It makes sense that it is safer to have a professional paint your house than for you to try painting it yourself. My wife and I are planning on repainting our home soon. Hopefully, we can find a professional that can get the job done safely.

Thomas Jameson

It’s good to know that painting professional will be able to apply a uniform coat of paint. My wife and I recently bought a new house, so we need to sell our old one. We want to make sure that it looks nice so that we can do so as quickly as possible after it gets put on the market. We’ll be sure to look further into our options for professional painters who can make our house look great.

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