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Create a Healthier Home With Healthier Paint


Have you considered a low-VOC paint for the interior of your home?


VOCs — volatile organic compounds — are responsible for the lovely fresh paint smell that you either love or hate. But have you ever thought about what they are and how they affect the health of your home?


VOCs are a hot topic of concern in the health-conscious state of Colorado and at Painting Plus of Colorado, we’re here to dialogue with you to find the perfect paint option for your home. In today’s post, we’ll examine what VOCs are and the low-VOC interior paints that are on the market.

What is the Concern with VOCs, Anyway?  


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that our indoor air quality (IAQ) is largely worse than the outdoor environment because of all the synthetic chemicals that we use in our everyday products — paint is no different.


The issue with VOCs is that they can rapidly transform into gases and vapors, and as they dry, they go through a process called off-gassing that can cause health issues over time. Traditional paint continues to release VOCs into the atmosphere, even long after (up to years) the paint has dried.   


What is a low-VOC paint?


The standard for a low-VOC paint is 50 grams (or fewer) of volatile compounds per liter. Most low-VOC paints are latex-based, and if you add different pigments, it can easily up the VOC levels.


There are also zero-VOC paints available on the market and they contain a very low amount of VOCs, typically five grams or less.


The Benefits of Using a Low-VOC Paint


If you are sensitive to chemicals or struggle with allergies, low-VOC paints can be a great option.


Improved indoor air quality.


With the influx of products that release chemicals in your home — cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry sheets, candles, bath and body products, etc — sometimes the healthier option to improve your IAQ is through low-VOC paint. When you use low-VOC paints throughout your home, you don’t have to worry about inhaling dangerous fumes during or after the painting professionals. Better yet, you steer clear of allergy and respiratory issues that a high concentration of VOCs can cause.


An almost-odorless atmosphere.


Whether you are in your home or not when the painting company comes in, the odor of traditional paint can be obtrusive and overpowering. When low-VOC paints are used, you can avoid this strong odor and get back to your daily activities more quickly.


Low-VOC paints are similarly priced.


One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding low-VOC paints is that they’re more expensive than traditional paint, but this is not the case. They are very similarly priced, so why not pay an equivalent price for a healthier, safer paint?


Clean up your act and reap the benefits of low-VOC paint today!


Choose Low-VOC Interior Painting Options with Us!


We understand the health-conscious community in Colorado, and that it expands even to paint! Stay healthy and clean and improve your IAQ! Partner with us and ask about our low-VOC options today.   


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