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8 Tips For Choosing a Great Painting Company in Broomfield

 1. Choose a painting company with experience.

When it comes to work on home exteriors, experience is everything. Seasoned painting contractors know their materials well, they use tried and true painting methods, and they have an inherent sense of professionalism no matter what happens during the painting process.

What about unexperienced painters? They’re still in the mistake-making stage of their careers, and they’re bound to make mistakes on your home. Everyone should “fail their way to success” at some point — you probably did this in your career. But do you really need someone to do their learning and failing with your paint job?

When in doubt, choose local painters that have the experience to get the job done right. The longer painters have been in business, the more likely it is that they do great work. They wouldn’t stay in business otherwise.

Looking for more than just experience? Check out the online project gallery of any painter you’re considering before you request an estimate. This gives you living proof of their skills (or lack thereof). If they don’t have an online gallery, request photos directly from the painting company. If they won’t provide photos, move on to the next company on your list.

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2. Choose painters with proper licenses and insurance.

All trustworthy home painters have a state-issued license, workers’ compensation insurance, and general liability insurance in order to protect homeowners and employees if something goes wrong. You need visual, official proof that a painter has these documents. Don’t take their word for it, and don’t let them give you the runaround when they “just can’t seem to find the paperwork.” Seeing these documents is your right and your due diligence as an informed homeowner and consumer.

The best contractors will have their paperwork on hand because they know how much it matters to homeowners. If they don’t, find a painter who does.

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3. Choose painters who do the necessary prep work.

Just like every great meal starts with some great food prepping, every paint jobs starts with prepping processes. It’s what makes a coat of paint look great now and in the future.

However, some local painters are more concerned with getting the job done fast than they are with doing things the right way. The more corners they cut, the more painting jobs they can take on, and the more money they can make.

The only way to learn about a painting company’s prepping regimen is to ask them directly. Give them a pop quiz of sorts — ask them about what kinds of tools they use, what their step-by-step process is, and how they prep for the specific exterior materials of your home. If they’re vague about their prepping or they don’t have an answer, move on and find a painter who is more knowledgeable and transparent.

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4. Choose a painting contractor who is knowledgeable.

The best painters love talking about great paint brands, the hottest colors, and advances in painting processes. It’s this knowledge and passion that sets them apart from the competition — so they should be more than happy to share it with their potential customers.

When looking for a new paint job, ask painters for recommendations for your home. What colors would look great with your home’s landscaping? What paint brands make sense for the exterior materials and the local weather conditions? These are questions most painting contractors are happy to answer. If they’d rather not answer them, choose a painting company who will.

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5. Choose a painting contractor with a reasonable price.

We’re all just trying to get by. Every person who runs a business must find a way to keep the lights on and put food on the table — and there are many ways to accomplish it. In the world of painting, there are three business models than can lead to healthy profits, but not all of them lead to happy customers.

First, there’s the “quick and dirty” model. Painting companies using this model cut plenty of corners, use cheap materials, and get jobs done fast. This allows them to have lower prices than other painting companies, which can attract a larger customer base. Unfortunately, customers usually aren’t happy with paint jobs from these businesses because they’re rushed and don’t look great for long. You really get what you pay for with this model.

Next, there’s the “luxury painter” model. These painters use the best materials on the market, take their time to get the job done right, and boast a number of industry certifications. If you choose a luxury painter, great! You’ll probably get a solid paint job that looks great and lasts a long time.

However, the Law of Diminishing Returns comes into play here. With luxury painters, you’re paying a premium for a paint job that’s marginally better, if not the same quality, as a paint job from a reputable local painting contractor. If you want the very best in paint jobs, knock yourself out — but the quality doesn’t necessarily justify the cost.

Finally, there’s the happy medium: your experienced and established local painting company. They use great painting materials and the best practices, but they’re also aiming for the best value for their customers. They’ll find the best paints for your price range so you can have a great product without breaking the bank. Because of their strong reputation in your community, they don’t have to worry about building a huge customer base or charging sky-high prices — they just have to give you a quality paint job and make the entire process simple.

Which painting company would you want for your next painting project? We’d imagine it’s your local painters that offer both quality and value.

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6. Choose a painting company with warranties and guarantees.

Guarantees and warranties are promises that your painting contractors will stand behind their products and their craftsmanship. Most companies will offer manufacturer warranties on their paints, and that’s certainly something that should give you peace of mind. However, some painting companies don’t offer any warranties at all, and they should be avoided at all costs.

If something goes wrong with your paint job, painters who don’t offer guarantees or warranties won’t have much sympathy for you and your problems. That means you could have wasted thousands of dollars on a paint job that needs to be redone. It’s not fair, but it’s the reality of the situation.

Before you sign on with a painter, ask them about protections they offer. It’ll save you from a lot of headaches down the road.

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7. Choose local painters with a great reputation online.

There’s a big difference between a stepdad’s angry rant on Yelp and a string of negative reviews that point toward a pattern of behavior. The former is something personal — it alludes to a miscommunication, a hotheaded customer, or something in between. It’s borderline cathartic to spew your frustrations on the Internet — just ask anyone who has ever had a Facebook profile.

The latter — or multiple reviews that allude to a collective pattern of behavior — is something to take seriously. Take a peek at multiple service-based business review websites like the Better Business Bureau® (BBB), Angie’s List®, and Google for the most comprehensive version of the truth. It’s very rare that a business will have a five-star rating overall. But if you do your due diligence and take a look at what lots of review sites have to stay, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re making the right choice, and that your friends and neighbors agree.

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8. Choose a painter who lives in and knows Broomfield.

Broomfield is an up-and-coming Front Range community that hasn’t lost its personality or compromised its values. Painting Plus loves doing work here — we’ve served Broomfield and Northern Denver for over 30 years, and we’re proud to help homeowners and businesses in the area improve the look of their properties.

When you need a local painter, choose Painting Plus. We’re your source for residential exterior painting and interior painting, as well as commercial painting services — if you have a painting project, we can get it done. Call us with any questions, and get a free estimate today.

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