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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Painting Company in Fort Collins

 1. Choose a painter with experience.

Remember when you were starting out on your career path? You didn’t become the consummate professional overnight. In fact, you made mistake after mistake for years and years until you had made every mistake in the book. This is why it’s important to choose a painter who has been in the business for a decade or more.

They might be a bit more expensive than the new guys, but the fact that they’ve stayed in business as long as they have is living proof that they have what it takes to get the job done right.

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2. Choose a painter with proper legal licenses and insurance.

Any painting contractor worth hiring has a state-issued license, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance in order to protect their employees and homeowners. Without it, you and your home could be at risk if something were to happen on the job.

You can’t just take their word for it — request to have a look at licenses and insurance documents from any painting company you might do business with. If they don’t have carry insurance, don’t have a state-issued license, or “just can’t seem to remember where they put” their documentation, it’s time to move on to the next painting company on your list.

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3. Choose a painting company that cares about prep work.

A painter’s prep work — such as sanding, stripping, taping, and priming — is essential for a high-quality paint job. However, not all painters have such a keen attention to detail and proper processes. Time is money according to some painting companies — the more corners they can cut and shortcuts they can take, the more jobs they’ll get done and the more money they’ll make. It might be nice for the painters, but it’s certainly bad news for your paint job.

When vetting a painting contractor, request a summary of the prep work they perform. Will they clean, strip, or sand surfaces before they get started? Do they use a high-quality primer? How do they remove or cover up dark/bold shades of paint? If your painting company isn’t sure about these processes, or they don’t have processes at all, find a painter that has proves they have the confidence, patience, and experience to get the job done right.

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4. Choose a painter with a high level of knowledge.

The best painting companies have no problem being put through the wringer by potential customers, so feel free to give them a painting “pop quiz” before you hire them. A diverse mix of technique, style, and process questions will give you a solid idea of the knowledge level and skill level.

Ask them which kinds of paint would be perfect for the exterior surfaces of your home or business, inquire about different painting techniques and their benefits, and make them suggest some colors and finishes that might look appealing. You don’t have to take their advice — the fact that they’re giving quality advice is what matters.

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5. Choose a painting contractor with a reasonable (not low) price.

Painters are just trying to feed their families and make ends meet like everyone else. Their painting businesses must drive a profit to survive — and there are a few ways this can be accomplished. Some painters opt for the “quick and dirty” business model; by using the cheapest materials, cutting corners, and hiring affordable, inexperienced employees, they can entice consumers looking for the cheapest paint job possible. Truth be told: you get what you pay for.

On the other hand, there are plenty of roofers who attempt to boost their profits by price-gouging consumers — all under the mask of being “luxury” or “top-tier” painting services. Ultimately, the finished product never lives up to the final price.

In the end, middle ground is where you should aim when choosing a painting contractor. Mid-range painters have reasonable — not bargain bin — prices, and they provide a near-identical final product to “luxury” painters at a fraction of the cost.

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6. Choose a painter with quality guarantees.

Does your painting company have a quality guarantee, a warranty, or a lifetime maintenance plan of some sort? If not, you could be at risk for making a poor home or business investment. If you sign on for a paint job without a warranty, what obligation do the painters have to fix mistakes and make things right when something goes wrong?

The best painters offer warranties because they hold painters accountable and keep customers satisfied. Be sure to shop around and compare warranties and other services plans of painters in your area before you commit.

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7. Choose local painters with a solid online reputation.

We all want to be an informed consumer who makes the best possible decisions for our homes and businesses — but sometimes, we can take it a little too far. It’s very rare that you’ll see a painter, plumber, roofer, or HVAC repair team with pristine online reviews; consumers will always be more compelled to leave bad reviews than good ones because, well, it’s therapeutic to complain about someone or something when we feel frustrated.

However, multiple negative reviews that allude to a specific pattern of behavior should be enough for you to pass on a painting company for a competitor.

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8. Choose a painter with a history in FoCo.

Different areas demand different painting materials, techniques, and customer experiences. That’s why it’s important to choose a local painting company for all of your painting needs.

That’s where Painting Plus can help. Our painting team has served Fort Collins and Northern Colorado for over 30 years — we’re dedicated to making Fort Collins homes more beautiful than ever before. Whether you have a shop in Old Town, a condo in Midtown, or a large estate out of town, our painters are happy to tackle any of your painting projects.

If you have any questions about our licenses, our painting services, or our other services, we’d love to speak with you. Give us a call, and get a free estimate today.

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