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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Painting Company in Boulder

 1. Choose a painter with experience.

If you were looking for a plumber to fix your sewer line, would you want someone that’s trying out sewer repair for the first time, or someone who’s seen every sewer line problem and learned from every sewer repair mistake in the book? Experience is everything in the world of painting — you need painters who understand the materials they’re painting with, the surfaces they’re painting on, and the customers they serve.

When you’re looking for a painting company, choose one that has plenty of experience in your specific type of paint job. Not all painters have experience in both interior and exterior painting, so ask your painters about what kinds of jobs they do best, and check out their online project gallery for visual proof of their skills. If they don’t have any sort of visual proof of their work, we’d suggest that you find a painter who does.

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2. Choose a painter with proper legal licenses and insurance.

The most accomplished and trustworthy painting contractors have a state-issued license, workers’ compensation insurance, and general liability insurance. All of these credentials are meant to protect the roofing company as well as the homeowner.

Don’t just take their word for it — ask any painter you’re thinking about doing business with to show you their licenses and insurance documents. If they don’t carry insurance, don’t have a license, or “can’t seem to find” the proper documentation, it’s a sign that you should move on to another, more trustworthy painter.

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3. Choose a painting company that does the prep work.

Inexperienced and sketchy painting companies are infamous for cutting corners to cut costs and time on the job. They think they’ll get away with it, too. However, the proof is ultimately in the pudding. If your painting company seems to overlook the details of your paint job, the paint job is sloppy, or you notice the paint job is aging prematurely, it shows that your painter lacks knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication to doing the best job possible.

Before you hire a painting company, ask them about the prep work they perform. Do they clean or sand surfaces before they add a new coat of paint? Do they use high-quality primer? Do they tape off edges for clean lines? If a painter isn’t confident in their prep work processes, they don’t have prep work processes. Find a roofer who is transparent and confident that their prep work will set the stage for an amazing paint job.

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4. Choose a painter with a high level of knowledge.

There’s nothing wrong with putting a painting contractor through the wringer — giving them a painting pop quiz — before you hire them to tackle a painting project.

Ask them which kinds of paint would be perfect for the surfaces of your home or business, inquire about which painting techniques and processes work best, or make them list which potential finishes and colors might provide a pleasing look — if they don’t have answers to these questions, then how can they call themselves painting experts?

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5. Choose a painting contractor with a reasonable (not low) price.

A painting company is exactly that: a company. Painters work tirelessly to make ends meet, grow their business, build a customer base, and put food on the table. They wouldn’t be doing what they do if they weren’t getting a paycheck for it, and you certainly wouldn’t be doing your job if that were the case.

However, there are many ways for painters to create a profitable business model. Many painters go for the “cheap and fast” model: a business that uses the cheapest painting materials, the cheapest employees, and the cheapest processes so they can be the cheapest company in the area. You’ll certainly save money with these painters, but don’t expect a great paint job because, well, you get what you pay for.

There are plenty of pseudo-luxury painters with sky-high prices, too. They charge a premium to maximize their profits, but the final paint job rarely justifies the cost.

Ultimately, your best options are somewhere in the middle ground. Choose a painter with reasonable prices and proven dedication to provide quality painting services.

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6. Choose a painter with quality guarantees.

Does your painter offer any sort of quality guarantee, warranty, or lifetime maintenance plan? This is one of the most important things to confirm when hiring a painter, as a warranty gives you a certain degree of protection and holds your painting contractor accountable if something goes wrong.

If a painter doesn’t offer a warranty, they could give your home or business a haphazard paint job and laugh their way to the bank — and you’ll have a lot of headaches trying to rectify the situation.

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7. Choose local painters with a solid online reputation.

Don’t be too picky when it comes to online reviews. Most service-based companies (painters, plumbers, HVAC, and the like) won’t have stellar five-star ratings overall because consumers are usually more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. However, many of these negative reviews — especially those that seem to reveal a collective pattern of behavior — can give you a solid idea of what to expect from a painting company’s customer service, craftsmanship, and roofing materials.

When looking for the right painting company, don’t just focus on Google reviews. Service-based review sites like the Better Business Bureau® (BBB) and Angie’s List® will give you more authoritative and specialized reviews and a better overall picture of painting contractors in your area.

A final word: there is a huge difference between reviews and testimonials. Anyone can say nice things about themselves on their website — it’s what other people say on fair and balanced review sites carries the most weight.

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8. Choose a painter with experience in Longmont.

If you live and work in Boulder, it’s important to choose a familiar, local company for all of your painting needs. Local painters in Boulder are invested in the community — they work, play, live, and raise their kids here. Their success depends on having a great local reputation, so they only use the best painting products and strive for superior customer service.

When you need a local painter, choose Painting Plus of Boulder. Painting Plus was founded in Boulder in 1988 — over 30 years ago — and we’re still serving our friends and neighbors in Boulder today. For the best in residential exterior painting and interior painting, as well as commercial painting services, we have residents of Boulder covered. Call us with any questions, and get a free estimate today.

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