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When to Forego the DIY Painting Route


Painting the interior of your home can be arduous and a time burglar — hiring a painting company may be exactly what you need!


If you are a handy person, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can be fun and even meditative — but when you’re over your head, you are over your head! Not everyone is a DIY aficionado, and that’s okay. It’s when you try and commit to remodeling your bathroom or repainting your home and realize early on, this is not for you!


There is a reason why the home improvement industry exists — to help you out! At Painting Plus of Colorado, we want to lend a hand to all of your interior painting projects so you can continue to thrive in the areas you excel in! From scheduling a free estimate to the completion of your project, we provide the leading residential painting in the Fort Collins area! Finally finish that painting project and learn more about how professional painters can help you.  

When DIY Interior Painting May Be Worth It


There is nothing wrong with rolling up your sleeves, using a little elbow grease, and tackling a painting project — some people are really great painters!


DIY when…


You only need to do a single room.


If all you have to do is a simple, uncomplicated bedroom over a weekend, that is totally doable. Heck, you can even do it over a couple — prep and clean the room one weekend and finish the painting the next. With one room, you’re not spending too much time away from your life and the project can be finished in a reasonable amount of time.


There is no damage or repair that needs to take place.


If you have a fresh, clean wall that is free from large holes and is a relatively smooth, congrats, you have the perfect painting surface!


You chose a similar color.


When you chose a new color that is close to the current one, the wall rarely needs more than a few priming touch-ups and one coat of paint. This scenario requires little work and can be completed quickly.


Your heart is in the work.


If you’ve painted before and you have beautiful, sharp lines and walls that are smooth and free of brush marks — the work is professional-grade — then a DIY painting project is for you!


Hire an interior painting professional when…  


You need a complete paint rehaul.


If you’re planning on repainting your entire home, hiring a professional painter is the person for the job. This volume of work will take time, even when a painter does the work. It requires moving out furniture and prepping and sanding, room-by-room, and disrupting a chunk of your life. What may seem like a little work as a DIY painter, can actually turn into the painting project from paint-fume hell! Free up some of your time and energy while saving your sanity, and hiring professional interior painters. Once you see all the hard labor they’re putting in, you’ll be so thankful you delegated out this task.


Your walls are damaged and require work.


If you have an older home or walls that tell stories — like the time when your kids were playing and accidentally punched a huge hole in the wall with a foot — this is something you can’t simply paint over. When spackling, sanding, and scraping are involved, it’s best to call in the experienced experts.

You’ve picked a dramatic color — a stark difference from what you have now.


If you loved the dark green color a little too much and ended up painting your dining room and living room the same verdant color — changing it from a rich, dark color to white is no easy feat. This will typically require at least two coats, making for a longer more labor-intensive project.


The details are not your thing!


Some people just don’t so details — and that’s okay — but it probably means that painting should be left to the professionals. For amazing trim, smooth walls, and uniform paint coverage hire a local interior painter!


There are times for a DIY painting project and there are times when it’s better left to the professionals!


To connect with the leading painting contractors in the Fort Collins area, call us today!

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